Kathia first came to Paris on holiday -- she ended up staying 15 years. Like many before her, Kathia fell in love with the boulevards and the history, the artistry and the light. She also fell in love with the French capital’s cafe culture, which set the tone of nearly every block.

But for all the many great things Paris had to offer, it nevertheless lacked one crucial ingredient -- an ocean. Some of Kathia’s fondest memories sprang from the beach. So she decided to search for a place that possessed Parisian sophistication, as well as access to the deep blue sea.

Kathia found it on South Beach. But Kathia wasn’t content with a hint of the French capital or the smell of the Atlantic; she wanted a place where the big city beat and laid back beach could merge into a whole new culture. A spot where locals and jetsetters alike would mix, mingle and revel in what’s best about both worlds. A great, good place in the sun… for cityfolk.

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